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LATEST President Edgar Lungu won the elections-FDD

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) running mate Dr Clement Mwanza has charged that President –elect Edgar Lungu won convincingly adding that the delays in inaugurating him as a Head of State would derail his developmental plans. Dr Mwanza said in Chipata yesterday that Mr Lungu won the elections convincingly in the August 11th general elections. He said there was just waste of time to del...

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LATEST President Lungu to create Ministry of Religion

President Edgar Lungu has announced that he will create a new ministry that will oversee the religious affairs in the country. Speaking during order of service for the reception service Reverend Bishop Sydney Sichilima, Synod Bishop held at UCZ St Andrew’s Congregation Lusaka, President Lungu announced that there was need for a ministry to oversee the values of Christianity being propagated in ...

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