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LATEST My daughter shot her hubby five times accidentally- Precious

The Lusaka High Court today heard that murder suspect Precious Liteebele shot her husband accidentally. This is in a case in which precious is charged with the murder of her husband, Lubinda Liteebele, whom she allegedly shot five times on May 24 2016. Testifying before Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa, Precious’s Mother Ruth Longwe of john Laing compound in Lusaka said on the material day, s...

Videos Tyrone Taylor-Big City

photos from the colonial archives Photos from the colonial archives

Events in Zambia IMF is not a solution-FDD

quote of the day Quote of the day

Events in Zambia President Lungu names 8 more Ministers, Dora Siliya is new A

Events in Zambia Nevers Mumba is Positioning Himself to Replace Dr Canicious

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Africa South African union backs unionist-turned-tycoon Ramaphosa a

Health Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine

Africa Pope meets Congo's Kabila, but Vatican displeasure evident

LATEST HH suspends Dr Canisius Banda for gross misconduct

UPND President Hakainde Hichilem  has suspended party Vice President Politics Dr Canisius Banda (in red beret) for gross misconduct. In letter dated 22 September, 2016, Mr Hichilema explains that in addition to other negative activities, Dr Banda has issued several inflammatory, derogatory and defamatory statements against other senior members of the Party. He said the news articles in the Daily ...